We are Human

Tragedy swarms humanity. 

Collectively, we fight back. 


We stay home, share wealth, goods and cheer.

We celebrate sacrifice and unify our will to survive.

We cry. We question.

We stay in bed longer than usual.

We dance. We panic. We run. We grieve. 


We are human – fit to live, love and overcome. 

We are not giving up, though our spirits feel defeat.

We rise with hope. 

We smile and laugh and remember life before isolation. 


We are more together in our separation. 

We are human. We will thrive.



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  1. And that glass is darn near full, with sun sparkle too.
    It is less scary now than it was in the beginning. Now that it has started I see people doing good, being good, looking out for one another, which is what I hoped, not what I feared. So says your poem.

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