Timely Messages

After five years of writing a blog and filling countless journals, I’ve discovered I am most passionate about unlocking timely messages that encourage, challenge and change my perspective. I’m talking about moments of clarity and self-discovery. This is what I love writing about! When I happen upon a timely message like spotting light poking through … Continue reading Timely Messages


Worry, like a string of balloons tethered to your hands carries you far from reality.  Detached from the earth below, you spend endless hours constructing scenarios that address every “What if?” You devise multiple plans - solidifying certainty and safety at all costs. Every situation controlled. Every outcome calculated. Every question answered. Nothing is unpredictable and … Continue reading Certainty

She is Past

The seal broke releasing the past.  Its sentence was up and like an uninvited haunting it was making its arrival known.  Wanting to hide in fear it chased me down.  Like a child I hid under my blanket pretending that if I couldn’t see her, she couldn’t see me.  My protective force was faulty.  I … Continue reading She is Past

…but a moment

My backyard, small but perfect - a place to lounge mid-afternoon during the summer months. Two new turquoise-blue muskoka chairs make backyard lounging perfect. Everyday I would sit with my bare feet touching the grass or crosslegged on the chair studying, reflecting and writing. My studies were often interrupted by my curious little dog playfully … Continue reading …but a moment