Beyond Comfort

And as I ruminate, the more I understand that this is alright for a season but I was born in an open ocean, and with it comes challenges, hurt, tragedy, joy, friendships, love, passion and beauty.

Cozy Nights

Winston’s need for more than just a cozy Saturday night in perfectly resembles my current experience. I have felt this push and pull (‘Safety’ & ‘Openness’ as I labelled them in my last blog post) - a desire to be outgoing and social, mixed with a need to lay low and stick to a calming routine.

Parts of Me

My parts need space for expression, a voice in my consciousness and compassion for each other as they are all ‘part’ of me. 

A Peculiar Noise

I was immersed in numbing noise until, “Pop!” I was startled when I heard an odd crackling noise. My senses sharpen as I fixate on finding this peculiar burst.

Mind & Body

February was a turbulent month and I struggled to write a post. In short, a few years ago February was the month that my body collapsed. And each year my body seems to recall this terrible time.  Years prior to having a breakdown I had conditioned my body to a high level of stress. My... Continue Reading →

A Wish Star

On the bare January tree in front of me I notice a ‘wish star’ gripping its feather-like arms to a thin branch. I’m intrigued, and the dull frigid January air seems to warm.

Walking To Stand Still

My mornings always start out the same way:  get ready for work, eat breakfast and walk the dog. Each morning I pass by the same children at the bus stop, say hi to the same neighbours also walking their dogs and watch the same cars pull out of their driveways on their way to work.... Continue Reading →

Caught Off Guard – An Epiphany

Inspiration came to me in the strangest of ways. At the time I had no idea something incredibly insignificant would trigger such a response in me. It was a Friday (the best day of the work-week) and I had a scheduled meeting and needed to arrive early. It was one of those mornings where I... Continue Reading →

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