Spring Cleaning

I left social contexts with rigid divides - ones where separating lines were drawn in permeant black marker with a clear “in and out” divide/mindset. When I participated in these social contexts, I was both insecure and confident.

Sweet Spring

Today my senses expand as I turn the corner onto my street.  With no blooms in sight I smell the sweet aroma of Spring flowers in the air.  The sleepy grey morning sky is swept with the brilliance of yellow daffodils, lavender-blue muscari and pink tulips.  Like the creamy aroma of strong espresso waking me … Continue reading Sweet Spring


When I was younger I thought success was an onward and upward journey mapped out by culturally embedded markers: high-school, post secondary education, a career, love and marriage followed by children. If I followed this map, I would know that I had arrived. Reality hit hard when I missed some of these predetermined markers by … Continue reading Success

More Than A Meal

It was Saturday night a few days before Christmas and with nowhere to go and no friends to meet, we decided to live like the not so distant past (the time before lockdowns). “Let’s pretend we’re going out to a restaurant!” I exclaimed. “Sure, why not!” my husband replied. Gourmet nachos for dinner with craft … Continue reading More Than A Meal

Simple: Swimming

I was aimlessly scrolling when my finger stopped at a post that read, “What makes you feel free?” I thought to myself, “I’m going to answer this.” Without over-thinking or complicating the question I allowed the first thing to pop into my mind: swimming. I feel most free when I’m submerged in water. Swimming ignites … Continue reading Simple: Swimming