Worry, like a string of balloons tethered to your hands carries you far from reality. 

Detached from the earth below, you spend endless hours constructing scenarios that address every “What if?”

You devise multiple plans – solidifying certainty and safety at all costs.

Every situation controlled. Every outcome calculated. Every question answered.

Nothing is unpredictable and everything works in your favour.


On a good day, Worry taps your shoulder, “Think again! Maybe you shouldn’t”

A friendly reminder of potential danger.

Every other day, Worry keeps you floating in a spacious sky of diversion.

Mistrusting people, places, ideologies, power, the world-at-large.

An ethereal escape imperil to a gust of wind, slight loss of air, or a loosened grip.


Your so-called comfort is put in question.

You’re the master of your security. The captain of your ship. 

You’re terrified at the thought of living the life below.

A life with potential regret, disappointment, hurt and pain. 


Oh, but a life lived in the tension of love and loss, courage and restraint.

A life that braves the passage of pain and uncertainty with the certainty of good.

A life that risks, remains vulnerable, wise and trusting.

Oh to dare to unlatch your hands and trust the Earth below is to chance truly living. 


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