I’ve longed for sunshine like the arrival of vacation after months of drudgery. 

My unrelenting desire is consuming. 

I beg for her return, that she would pierce the grey gloomy skies with the sharpest of knives.

Piercing and peeling back the heavy winter sky.

Like an avalanche delivering streams of liquid gold, she wakes up the hibernating Earth. 


Her arrival, like a birthday wish being granted. 

Elated at her appearance, I untuck and tear back the covers, sweep-wide the curtains and accept her invite: “Look up! Look out! Delight!” 

Life, in full-view, uncovered and on display. 

Brown brightens to gold while green sharpens its hue. 

Shadows paint branches along roadways and sidewalks turning the neighbourhood into artistry. 

Finger-like twigs grasp her warmth in their palms and lift their branches in worship. 


Sights of spring summon me to join. 

I position myself underneath her rays, allowing my skin to satisfy its craving for nourishment. 

Her brilliance causes me to gaze. 

I’m drawn in, but she is too bright, too beautiful, too bold and radiant, that I must bow my eyelids in honour. 

Impressing glowing auras on my closed lids, she makes her presence inescapable. 


She is both distant and near like the homecoming of a cherished friend.

Certain in our companionship, she sits beside me silently. 

She yields calm and comfort. 

Hushes the excess, confidently commanding all living things to “Wake up! See. Feel. Lavish. Breathe.” 


Her beauty has been with me my entire life – never ceasing to return each season.

Surprising me from time-to-time with short visits and extended stays – she is always welcomed.

Her friendship – personal and shared.

Lifting darkness with her gallant glow for all and every living thing.


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