When Out-of-the-Ordinary…

In a world where everything is fairly routine, out-of-the-ordinary experiences are the sparks that brighten your life and keep you going. These occurrences are unplanned yet delightful surprises. I happened upon one of these ‘sparks’ in recent weeks.

Knowing Your Needs

Having awareness of what you require to be in good health is so important. Canceling plans or making them; using those short breaks throughout the day to refuel is so essential.

Beyond Comfort

And as I ruminate, the more I understand that this is alright for a season but I was born in an open ocean, and with it comes challenges, hurt, tragedy, joy, friendships, love, passion and beauty.

Cozy Nights

Winston’s need for more than just a cozy Saturday night in perfectly resembles my current experience. I have felt this push and pull (‘Safety’ & ‘Openness’ as I labelled them in my last blog post) - a desire to be outgoing and social, mixed with a need to lay low and stick to a calming routine.

Parts of Me

My parts need space for expression, a voice in my consciousness and compassion for each other as they are all ‘part’ of me. 

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