A Wish Star

On the bare January tree in front of me I notice a ‘wish star’ gripping its feather-like arms to a thin branch. I’m intrigued, and the dull frigid January air seems to warm.

Gentle Hands

Some things in life deserve special focus - to be held gently in hands and cherished in heart. "Gentle Hands" a simple but important life lesson from my nephew.

Five Years

When I started my blog five years ago a fellow blogger and friend gave me valuable advice. He said, “Remember that blogging is a community of writers. You need to participate in the conversations.” It was helpful advice that didn’t come naturally. At the time I was struggling to find my voice and have the … Continue reading Five Years

Sweet Spring

Today my senses expand as I turn the corner onto my street.  With no blooms in sight I smell the sweet aroma of Spring flowers in the air.  The sleepy grey morning sky is swept with the brilliance of yellow daffodils, lavender-blue muscari and pink tulips.  Like the creamy aroma of strong espresso waking me … Continue reading Sweet Spring

The Space Between

My neighbourhood has not been the same since the pandemic. Not too long ago, a quick wave from a car window on our way to and from work was all we had time for. Nowadays cars remain in the driveways, and we sport comfy joggers and uncut hair or home haircuts instead. A more relaxed … Continue reading The Space Between