A Touch of Gold

There is much to enjoy when I am not consumed with my thoughts. When my mind is at ease, my curiosity is set free and the natural world fills me with awe.  

It’s late summer, mid-morning and I am reclining on the deck ready to pen my thoughts in my journal. My initial reflections are merely a summary of what I’ve already completed this morning and my hope for inspiration. I know that inspiration happens when I’m receptive to it, so I try to bring my mind and body into the current moment…

…Green in every shape, shade, texture and size – a search and find picture puzzle hiding each item in the key. Clovers tucked among the blades of grass. Weeds muscling their way to claim their space in an arena of turf, while seedlings add a less forceful freshness to the mixture of growth. Undisturbed and natural, the green finds its balance. 

And hidden in the bed of grass, ‘Waldo’ appears. A spot of yellow stretches in bloom. She is the rare flower amid the sea of emerald, despite being the despised dandelion. She is pleased with her stature and her eye-catching golden blossom. Her slender stalk and feathery petals draw the attention of the soft cream-coloured butterfly. She wears the winged creature like an accessory. Owning her space in the field, she is oblivious to her differences and lack of desire. She carries herself as if she is unaware of the chosen garden flowers that grow behind stone walls. She is unconfined, rogue and free, and if she had her way, would claim every square inch, overtaking even the stone fortress of exquisite bouquets.

…but she won’t. I won’t let her. 

For the time being, she is the ‘Waldo’ among the common…reminding me to add another item to my “to-do” list or, just maybe, simply seeing her as part of the yard, perhaps even reminding me of a part of myself.

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