Welcoming Warmth

My beloved spring has felt like Mom ripping back my blankets and telling me I’m going to be late for school. I’m uncomfortable with this change and prefer to be bundled in safety.

A Peculiar Noise

I was immersed in numbing noise until, “Pop!” I was startled when I heard an odd crackling noise. My senses sharpen as I fixate on finding this peculiar burst.

Spring Cleaning

I left social contexts with rigid divides - ones where separating lines were drawn in permeant black marker with a clear “in and out” divide/mindset. When I participated in these social contexts, I was both insecure and confident.

Mind & Body

February was a turbulent month and I struggled to write a post. In short, a few years ago February was the month that my body collapsed. And each year my body seems to recall this terrible time.  Years prior to having a breakdown I had conditioned my body to a high level of stress. My... Continue Reading →

A Wish Star

On the bare January tree in front of me I notice a ‘wish star’ gripping its feather-like arms to a thin branch. I’m intrigued, and the dull frigid January air seems to warm.


Although I have many unanswered questions, I understand that I carry with me remnants of a past need for survival.

Sunshine Blogger Nominee

A notification that brightens a dreary October day. A click that took me to Pastern Corner Blog. A field of sunflowers and in the centre, a logo shaped like the sun reading “Sunshine Blogger Award.” A quick read and scroll down to 11 Nominees. A grin curling my lips upward with joy. I quietly say... Continue Reading →

Gentle Hands

Some things in life deserve special focus - to be held gently in hands and cherished in heart. "Gentle Hands" a simple but important life lesson from my nephew.

Five Years

When I started my blog five years ago a fellow blogger and friend gave me valuable advice. He said, “Remember that blogging is a community of writers. You need to participate in the conversations.” It was helpful advice that didn’t come naturally. At the time I was struggling to find my voice and have the... Continue Reading →

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