I’ve longed for sunshine like the arrival of vacation after months of drudgery.  My unrelenting desire is consuming.  I beg for her return, that she would pierce the grey gloomy skies with the sharpest of knives. Piercing and peeling back the heavy winter sky. Like an avalanche delivering streams of liquid gold, she wakes up … Continue reading Unveiling

Grief & Gardens

I sat outside that afternoon on a blanket laid across the grass in my backyard - the sunshine providing the perfect temperature to enjoy the pleasures of summer. I was surrounded by my garden, over grown in places, but green with life. The type of life that activated fond memories of Grandma and her gardens. … Continue reading Grief & Gardens

Treasures Traded

I woke up sleepy but rested. It’s a fresh start. Although my day-to-day has seen only minor changes, I have a new perspective on life. The classic, perfectly-painted life now looks more like multidimensional abstract art. Today, I’ve embraced my life as a perfectly messy art-form. It’s beautiful because it’s my journey. I’ve re-discovered the … Continue reading Treasures Traded