Five Years

When I started my blog five years ago a fellow blogger and friend gave me valuable advice. He said, “Remember that blogging is a community of writers. You need to participate in the conversations.” It was helpful advice that didn’t come naturally. At the time I was struggling to find my voice and have the courage to share my experience with potential readers. I was shy and uncertain but slowly began to participate with other writers. As I began reading, liking and following blogs from around the world, I felt connected to personal experiences around mental health and grief, and inspired by travel and nature photographs, poetry and well-being tips. August 2021 marks my five year anniversary writing with WordPress and I want to celebrate a fellow writer. 

Niraj’s Blogs caught my attention because he writes with an admirable genuineness. His tag line reads, “Sharing my own experiences to help others” and this is exactly what his posts convey. He writes honestly about his personal experiences with mental health and autism and, in a similar yet unique way, I find myself relating to his journey. He discusses being wise with whom you share your mental health struggles with because not everyone has the same capacity to understand and support you during tough times. I have discovered this advice to be key to maintaining friendships and having the right supports in place during lows. Creating a safe and reliable space is an important piece of advice he gives when discussing how to be a good friend to someone with autism. A “safe and reliable space for friends to talk should apply for every friend.” His message of inclusivity is evident in his writing and in his collaborations with fellow writers. So when the thought of reaching out to Niraj crossed my mind, I wanted to participate in the positive platform he has developed on his blog as well as highlight him and his work on thesoulwhispersblog, because blogging is a community – a conversation that, I hope will enrich, educate and inspire us.

Please enjoy Niraj’s Blogs 

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