Beneath Waters

I buried her beneath waters.

A buoyant sail once purposed for adventure, shipwrecked.

Drowned by currents of ‘acceptable norms’ 

She could no longer stay afloat.

She sank. Her beauty. Her purpose. Her destiny. Gone.

She was ‘put in her place’ on the ocean floor.

A vessel repurposed for others. 

A hidden home for sea life below.

Her sail, long gone.

She remained untouched and undiscovered by the Earth above.

She accepted her fate. Her life.


As the years went on, she began to rot. Decaying piece by piece.

Small rubble floated to the surface. 

Reminding her that she was never meant for the ocean floor. 

She belonged above water, to be carried by winds and waves, to have the sunshine warm her skin. 

She was meant for adventure. 

Unashamed of her size, social-standing, gender, faith, or IQ, she resurfaced.

She was her own captain now – a ship meant to sail freely.


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