Timely Messages

After five years of writing a blog and filling countless journals, I’ve discovered I am most passionate about unlocking timely messages that encourage, challenge and change my perspective. I’m talking about moments of clarity and self-discovery. This is what I love writing about!

When I happen upon a timely message like spotting light poking through a pinhole, I am fully captivated. I cannot look away because behind that perforated shield is the most sought after treasure. A cache that surpasses wealth and status – hidden, and revealed to the patient, humble and hungry. It’s a treasure of knowledge, making me more conscious of my life choices, beliefs and the recovery or retrieval of my truest self. A refinement of sorts.

When that tiny string of light catches my attention I know that something wonderful is on its way and I must create space for its entry. I simply allow the tiny string of light to increase my curiosity to the point where everything else is dimmed. As my curiosity increases, the light also increases in brightness. The intrigue and comfort of the glow make me vulnerable and open to what will be revealed. At this invitation, I observe, wait and listen…. 

…sitting silently under a fully bloomed tree in my backyard – my body riddled with the underlying stress of the pandemic – I consciously take deep breaths and make note of all that I see around me (a grounding technique I’m told). As I tilt my head upwards to look at the tree above me, there appears the tiny string of light. Intrigue sets in and like a child I let my imagination take over. I notice the arched branches overhead. Each branch lined with symmetrical pairs of heart-like leaves covering me like an umbrella. I wait with anticipation and begin to feel a sense of awe. Then, in the quietness of her hanging branches, I hear a whisper, “You are not alone.” I trust what is spoken and lean in. Each heart-like leaf extending overhead acts as a collective – each representing one human having gone through difficulty in this life, and now like God’s angels they watch over me. I am not alone….

It was a beautiful, very personal and emotional moment. A revelation of sorts.

Knowledge comes in the way of reflection – a pinhole of light shining in our direction. Appearing in the chaos and the mundane, after heated conversations. Coming in the way of a dream, scent, book, quote, podcast, a breeze, lapping of water on the shoreline. Having no word count or set length, it is an occurrence that ignites curiosity and leads to revelation. My thirst for self-discovery and self-recovery has taught me to be on the look out for subtle alerts that flash before my eyes. A tiny string of light that leads to illuminating revelation and wisdom. 


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  1. ‘Knowledge comes in the way of reflection -…’ I like how you list down some of the various ways. I think we’d receive more knowledge if we were more open to the different sources we could get it from.

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