A Shadow of Myself

Fear like shadows cast on sunny days cloud my outlook – shifting my attention from warm rays to cold pavement. 

My shadow distorts my image, stretching the truth until it becomes my only reality.

Turning my beauty into an illusory outline void of colour and detail.

It walks proud as it is tethered around my feet like chains. 

“I own you.”  

“Where you go I go.”

It muscles its way in crushing my self-esteem. 

With my back turned towards the sun, the visible shadow becomes my visible self.

But somewhere deep within, I know this can’t be me.

For as long as I believe my shadow’s lies, I am at its mercy.

Aware of its hold on me, I unlock eyes with my shadow and turn towards the sun. 

Unable to see my shadow, I think I’ve lost myself. 


The blinding beams reveal a new and an unrecognizable self.

An image invisible to my naked-eyes but as real as the sun itself. 

An image not seen in a shadow or reflection in the mirror. 

An image spoken softly in words – “You are beloved.” 

I am at home in myself for the first time. 


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