Filling Space

Mulling over the drink menu at one of our favourite local restaurants, four of us sat on bar stools catching up about last week’s birthday celebration. It was a fun event that brought together a large crowd of new and old neighbours, friends from work and old band mates, as well as family. Being an … Continue reading Filling Space

Beneath Waters

I buried her beneath waters. A buoyant sail once purposed for adventure, shipwrecked. Drowned by currents of ‘acceptable norms’  She could no longer stay afloat. She sank. Her beauty. Her purpose. Her destiny. Gone. She was ‘put in her place’ on the ocean floor. A vessel repurposed for others.  A hidden home for sea life … Continue reading Beneath Waters

Grief & Gardens

I sat outside that afternoon on a blanket laid across the grass in my backyard - the sunshine providing the perfect temperature to enjoy the pleasures of summer. I was surrounded by my garden, over grown in places, but green with life. The type of life that activated fond memories of Grandma and her gardens. … Continue reading Grief & Gardens