Hearing God’s voice can seem quite daunting. If someone claims that they’ve heard God’s voice you may be thinking in extreme terms like, “Here’s a potential cult leader.” When thinking about hearing God’s voice it might be daunting but it shouldn’t be. Someone recently told me that he was afraid to talk to God because he was unsure of what God would say to him. God is God and His ways are not always our ways but we shouldn’t be afraid of listening for His voice.

I’ll be the first of many who will admit that I’ve never heard God speak to me in an auditable voice. God speaks to me like the ‘Reminders’ app on my cell phone. When something is scheduled and needs to be taken care of, my cell phone chimes. Yes, I did just compare the voice of God to the ‘Reminders’ app. Please hear me out. God speaks to me throughout my day. I’ll pray quick prayers throughout the day – “Thank you for my family, friends, food, job, etc.,” or “Please help…”, “Give me wisdom and patience,” etc. While praying, I’m obviously the one doing the talking. Blah, blah, blah! Although I’m the one talking, I feel like when I talk to Him I’m asking Him to be a part of my everyday life. Praying reminds me that I am not alone – it takes my mind off of myself and reminds me that God is in control.

When we pray, we are the ones doing the talking. Right? I find that I set aside very little time to be still and just listen to God. I, like many other people am so busy that it’s hard to stop and slow down my mind from thinking of so much. Not to say that I shouldn’t carve out time to be still and listen but even in the thick of busyness God still speaks to me.

Like I said earlier, I hear God’s voice like the ‘Reminders’ app. God may not remind me of an appointment but instead reminds me to see others through His lens. I’ve heard His voice through a nudge to send an encouraging message to a friend, or to receive a smile from a child and treat it as a gift from God. I’ve noticed a stranger completely stressed out and I’ve quietly prayed for God’s peace to help him. I’ve been asked to give to someone in need. I’ve also been reminded that I am not perfect and frequently need to ask for forgiveness. I’ve heard God’s voice through the words of friends and pastors, through songs, art and creation.

I listen to God when I welcome Him into my day. I make room to hear His voice. I hear His voice by seeing the world through His eyes. I learn to pay attention to small moments and embrace the beauty all around me.


Immerse yourself in the scenery all around you. Hear its song and sense its pulse. Allow yourself to be moved with gratitude and connectivity. – MB




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