Connecting Roots

The storm clouds have dissipated, Cooled by the steady downpour of tears. The thundering crashes and jolting bolts have refrained, Hushed by vigilant discernment and practice.   A calm so bold and boisterous has settled in, Stabilizing unassuming weather patterns. With my feet securely planted in the soil, I am in-touch with my roots.  Continue reading “Connecting Roots”

Failed To Listen

The soul whispers, but I failed to listen. It’s ironic, naming my blog ‘The Soul Whispers’ when I forgot how to listen…maybe it’s not that I forgot so much as I wasn’t ready to hear what my soul had to say. I like to think that I’m that tough, rugged, All-Terrain Vehicle that can ploughContinue reading “Failed To Listen”


My outer guard cracked as the inner voice intensified. Nothing a little glue couldn’t fix. Demanding to be heard, the surface cracked once more. Nothing a little glue couldn’t fix. Uprising in revolt, its current surged my body undoing all its working parts, shaking my outer guard. Nothing a little glue couldn’t fix. Accelerating inContinue reading “Unearthed”

Set Free By A Glance

Overwhelmed with stress, I was set free by just one empathetic glance from a friend. It was one of those days. Chaos was on the rise.  It wasn’t just my small world – it was all around me. With only a quick moment to spare I walked past my co-worker friend in the middle ofContinue reading “Set Free By A Glance”

You’re Not Alone

As I write this, I am alone. I have been alone for a good while. I wake up alone, eat alone and spend my evenings alone. Not to say I don’t make small chat with neighbours and have meaningful conversations with my co-workers…but I am currently without the company of a companion. I still textContinue reading “You’re Not Alone”

Somewhere Between 23rd & Broad

I lost my voice along the way Somewhere between 23rd and Broad. A man walked away with it. He tucked it in his wallet and carried it like cash. One more voice ‘cashed in.’   My pace, somber and slow, disappearing with each step. I fade into the rest Faces with no names Branded toContinue reading “Somewhere Between 23rd & Broad”