When You Can’t Answer Honestly

I stopped going to church when I couldn’t answer the question “How are you doing?” honestly. When a nice outfit couldn’t distract people enough from the anguish I was experiencing inside, honesty became involuntary. Sure, I let a few trusted individuals know that life at the time was quite stressful – heck, everyone these daysContinue reading “When You Can’t Answer Honestly”

Beach Hut Find

Dressed in a red top (my grandma’s colour) she was an unexpected blessing. Looking to purchase gifts to bring home to family and friends, I shopped around through piles of slightly organized souvenirs as my husband stood at the entrance of the beach hut. A British shopper asked him for a price of an item.Continue reading “Beach Hut Find”

Not All Anniversaries

Jolted awake, I grasped my husband’s chest with a hug that cried, “I’m scared!” Frozen in fear I had difficulty interpreting the sudden alarm. My body was reacting to past trauma, but this time stress wasn’t the trigger (my life is much better now compared to a year ago). It had to be something else:Continue reading “Not All Anniversaries”

Revived Curiosity

Unbeknownst to me, I found myself searching for all that makes me Me. I realized this interest came to me after spending time at my childhood home. Unlike my current city, my childhood neighbourhood bears a rich catalogue of memories that are uniquely mine. Each block of pavement a playground: directly to the left ofContinue reading “Revived Curiosity”

The Great Cover Up

A flash of light breaks through the clouds of clamour, followed by faint sound – sparking a subtle interest in me. Dull to most noise, I decide to lend an ear. Wordless in nature and often ignored, I’m urged to lean in and let go. A rumble runs its course from stomach, to head, toContinue reading “The Great Cover Up”

Whatever You Want

My life is far from perfect but it’s pretty good. I’ve felt shame and the feeling of being trapped before, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to hear from a stranger. It was late evening on a Saturday night. We were dressed to impress and ready to party. Birthday celebrations were inContinue reading “Whatever You Want”

“You’re Fine.”

“You’re fine!” As red spots appeared all over my skin I replied with, “No, I’m  not! This happens every night.” “Look, it’s going to get better!” I stood there, unable to convince my audience that it’s not a matter of attitude but a medical reality. As the red spots rapidly raised my skin into amassContinue reading ““You’re Fine.””

Treasures Traded

I woke up sleepy but rested. It’s a fresh start. Although my day-to-day has seen only minor changes, I have a new perspective on life. The classic, perfectly-painted life now looks more like multidimensional abstract art. Today, I’ve embraced my life as a perfectly messy art-form. It’s beautiful because it’s my journey. I’ve re-discovered theContinue reading “Treasures Traded”