The Soul Whispers

Why ‘The Soul Whispers’? It sounds new-age doesn’t it? Can’t people make the soul say whatever the will desires? Well, yes! The question is, who or what does your soul belong to? If we’ve entrusted God with our soul, than our soul belongs to Him and it’s His voice that speaks to us. When I think of the soul, I imagine the purest part of my life – the part that is searching for what is true and holds the greatest sense of meaning. The soul is what we commit to God. It’s the place in which we make our allegiance to Him. In making an allegiance with God, He’s the one who whispers truth. The soft tone of the soul speaks to us all the time. …Yet its whisper combats with the boisterous ego. The ego, rooted in insecurity and lack, drives us away from the voice of our soul.

Picture the ego like those deafening commercials. I don’t know about you but they drive me nuts. They are so loud and annoying! Unless you grab the remote right away and hit the mute button, you’re forced to listen to its obnoxious message. Now, picture the soul like the pleasant sound of wind blowing through fall leaves. First of all, who has time to listen to the wind blowing through fall leaves? Right? Right. The soul is the voice that only speaks when we allow ourselves to hear it. I’ll never forget the time a speaker shared a story about a peach tree. He and his family had lived in their house for years. It was a nice day so he decided to take his work outside. As he was working and praying, he notices a peach tree in his backyard. He becomes overwhelmed by the fact that this is the first time in all the years of living in the house that he noticed the peach tree. Filled with excitement he runs inside to tell his family, “There’s a peach tree in our yard! We have a peach tree! A peach tree!” The peach tree had been part of their yard, for years but it wasn’t until he slowed down and allowed himself the time to notice its existence that it became a reality to him. Whether it’s a peach tree in our yard or the sound the wind makes as it passes through fall leaves or the soft tones of the soul, how often do we not notice what’s right in front of us?



The soul whispers in soft tones. So hit mute for a moment. Lean in and hear God’s voice. – MB


*pic – fastcoexist.com